The Business

Today's business is moving fast, therefore companies need both the flexibility and the ability to swiftly adapt to rapidly changing markets. DeesaTech helps companies use SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence, SAP HANA, SAP ERP systems, software development and web development to accelerate innovation and simplify business processes while driving competitive differentiation.

DeesaTech's specialty is in SAP business intelligence reporting and solutions. With our business intelligence solutions, Deesatech will help your organization to respond to market demands with agility and innovation, improve efficiency and reduce costs and risks.


DeesaTech is an IT company with many years of experience in implementing SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence. Our specialty is in SAP BusinessObjects integration with SAP Netweaver BW, SAP Netweaver Portal, SAP Business Explorer, SAP Web Application Designer, SAP HANA, SAP BusinessObjects Webi, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, SAP BusinessObjects CMC and SAP Crystal Reports.

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